Now Drop The Bass EP

by Clyde Machine

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This is an EP (extended play, basically half-an-album) of dubstep music I've worked on over the last few months. Take a listen, download if you like, share it if you're really into it!

Comes with a little PDF booklet too!


released June 1, 2012



Track Name: 90's Kids
"This is your brain on drugs."
"Bph, bphbph KCH, bphbphbssh duhKCH!"
Track Name: I'm Fine (Fuck You For Asking) feat. $mac
(written by $mac)

This is $mac, with Clyde Machine
We layin’ it down, right here.

Keep it real,
Fuck reality, fatality, in the industry
Bring the passion back into me
Who the hell you think you tryin’ to be?
You say you speak the truth,
Your word dies with all the lies you’re preaching,
While painting clouds over my blue skies

You act like this is a game, well what a shame
Checkmate; I win,
Fuck you for trying to beat me with your hate,
Who do you think the fool is?
This is like you to make excuses, you’re useless
Take responsibility before your mouth says, “That’s it.”
You’re still talkin’ shit, tryin’ to impress your homies, just blow me
With your bruises, spending so much time on your own knees.

Still hungry?
Want a little bit more?

Check out this shit.

Why the hell you try so hard to make me cry?
You act like I’m weak but I’m still a guy.
You act like I need a girl to hold my hand,
to make me understand how to live my life,
Fuck that.

I don’t need no wife, I don’t need someone to tell me
what to do, tell me what they wish I knew,
Damn, you know I can tie my own shoes.
Sure I had problems, I rip ‘em up with a belt,
Mom always said ‘Play the hand that you’re dealt’ – Royal flush.
Looks like you’re the one that’s gonna need help.

Ha-HA! Yeah.

You sayin’ you need some time to make a plan
That doesn’t include a man.
Who’s the new guy? Like I even give a damn,
You say that you’re winning ‘cause I don’t have a girl,
But I’m climbing Mount Everest, I’m on top of the world.
On top of the world.

This is the part where we break it down
And we take the bass to the fucking ground
And we make all the girls that we thought we knew step aside,
Let the new ones through.
You said it was love, a gift from above,
I shoulda known you’d screw this up because you’re
Crazy, you’re no lady,
I want someone who I can call my baby.

I need someone who's a little smarter than you
Who knows a good thing when it comes through,
Not someone who poisoned me with the lies,
Man I must’ve been the luckiest guy,
Meet someone who’d tear me to the ground,
Who’d take a kick while I’m on the ground.
Walk away like you always do,
Tryin’ to find a way to make me so damn blue.

But now I’m cryin’ my way to the fucking bank,
As many hundreds as they can make
Then I’ll use them to wipe away my tears
Then I think I’ll put my castle here, now I’m done.

Get down, motherfuckers. x4
Track Name: Helichopta
"Oh My-."